Northrim Bank

Are you prepared to SurThrive?

Learn to survive and thrive in Alaska's economy.

See if your business is prepared to SurThrive in Alaska's changing economy by taking the assessment below. Based on your results, we'll provide you with a customized report complete with expert advice on how to sharpen your SurThrival skills.

Answer "yes" or "no" to the following 21 questions. If you are unsure, answer "no."

Tell us a little about yourself:

1. I am comfortable talking to my bank, financial staff, and advisor on financial issues.
2. I understand the financial statements for my company.
3. My business financial statements are regularly updated.
4. I am familiar with the key performance ratios and regularly benchmark the performance of my business against industry standards.
5. My business financials are regularly stress tested.
6. I know the amount of cash I should have in reserve.
7. There is a contingency plan for any change in revenues, costs, expenses, competitive landscape, vendor issues, and key employees.
8. I know my company's break even sales amount on a monthly and yearly basis.
9. I regularly manage or monitor the cost management of my business.
10. Cash flow, profit margins, and working assets of my business are monitored regularly.
11. I have a plan for financing my business in a down economy.
12. I have a banker who understands my business and is a partner in its success and growth.
13. I provide my banker with information on my business (statements and business plans) on a regular basis.
14. I understand the changes occurring in my business's industry and the operating environment.
15. A competitive analysis is regularly performed that includes current and potential conditions and competitors.
16. I have a targeted approach to marketing to eliminate inefficiencies and focus efforts.
17. I have a firm understanding of my employment structure and the critical components of it.
18. Health care options and other benefit plans for employees are regularly evaluated.
19. I actively manage my operations and perform risk analysis on key business activities.
20. My business maintains adequate professional and business liability insurance.
21. Supply chains and vendor management are reviewed regularly to ensure efficiencies.

Northrim Bank will use the third party vendors MailChimp and WordPress to provide your customized email report. Keeping your financial and personal information secure and confidential is our top priority. We will never ask you for private or confidential information via email. Please visit our security & privacy pages for more information.